It’s inherent human nature that we tend to overlook, try our best not to pay heed to and shove off all seemingly minor ailments as unimportant. But this judgmental behavior can cost us not only in terms of money, time, energy, resources, but even of our lives. It is as they say prevention is better than cure; men in particular can benefit immensely from a timely visit to a doctor rather than writing off their problems as petty. This is even more relevant when it comes to getting diagnosed for a possible cancer.

Yes! Check your breasts
When it comes to your health, you better put all your inhibitions in the back burner. According to oncologists, even if you are a man you cannot wave off the possibility of having breast cancer. Symptoms on which men should keep a watchful eye include:

• Nipple Retraction
• Nipple Discharge
• Skin dimpling or puckering
• Scaling or redness of the nipple or breast skin

These symptoms are more than just worrisome and are better nipped in the bud. A thorough physical examination or subsequent mammograms or biopsies as prescribed by the oncologist are likely to make you better off when it comes to your health.

Don’t push your limits
Pain is something which often succeeds in confusing people. Is the pain muscular? Is it a sprain? Is it a troublesome joint? But oncologists advise that although pains do not necessitate the arrival of cancer, it might be one of the many signs that can lead to cancer.

Pay attention to your private parts
Surprising as it might seem, testicular cancer has a high likelihood of occurrence among men aged 20 to 39. Doctors suggest regular examination by an oncologist or weekly self examinations. Any change in size of the testicles; be it growth or shrinkage should be immediately reported to the doctor concerned. Apart from these, any form of swelling or lump formation, feeling of heaviness in the scrotum or pelvic region should not be ignored. If at all one is diagnosed with testicular cancer, certain blood tests along with ultrasound may be prescribed for identifying the area of origin of the cancer for precise treatment.

Other symptoms
Fever, if unexplained might also be indicative of cancer. This kind of fevers occurs especially when the cancer has spread from its original site and has invaded another part of the body. Unexplained weight loss is also another symptom of cancer. If you are trying to shed weight and it gets reduced gradually over a long period of time it’s a different story altogether. But according to experts if you lose more than 10% of your body weight within a span of 3 to 6 months, then it is bad news.

Given, these signs and symptoms, the allusion to preventive healthcare management is evident. It also obviates the fact that since we are unable to answer the question as to why cancer occurs, we would be better off by addressing these early signs and symptoms by getting them properly diagnosed at an early stage.