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Cancer, as definition goes is characterized by an uncontrolled cell growth. Blood cancer essentially originates where blood is produced; the bone marrow. The bone marrow consists of stem cells which become mature and develop into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Blood cancer also affects the lymphatic system of the human body. It disrupts this normal production of blood cells with an uncalled for growth in the number of abnormal type of blood cells. The worst part is that these cancerous cells pose serious hindrances on the proper functioning of the blood like prevention of profuse bleeding, etc are seriously hampered. These have fatal repercussions since a person is actually stripped of his defenses and he becomes more vulnerable to infections.

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Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma are the three major types of blood cancer which affect the human body. Let us have a cursory overview of how each one of them aggravates the proper functioning of our mechanism.


As we alluded to abnormal cell growth at the very outset, leukaemia takes its toll on the white blood cells. White blood cells as we know are responsible for fighting infections and are manufactured in the bone marrow. When a person is afflicted with leukaemia the production of white blood cells increases abnormally. This clogs the bone marrow and prevents it from producing other blood cells which are required to balance the immunity and maintain proper health of the blood.


This particular type afflicts the lymphatic system which is another important component of one’s immunity mechanism. Essentially lymphoma triggers an over production of lymphocytes giving them unusual long life. This causes the immune system to compromise due to an overload. Lymphoma as opposed to other types of blood cancer can develop in many parts or organs of the body namely lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, blood, etc.


We all have heard about antibodies which help us fight infections. Well, these are produced by the plasma cells found in one’s bone marrow. In case of myeloma, plasma cells accumulate in the bone in clusters or groups and hinder normal blood production. These clusters can gradually take the shape of tumors and cause other problems.


Let’s debunk the common myths and face the facts. It’s not that blood cancer is incurable, but the adverse effects can definitely be mitigated. In most incidences of leukaemia, the patient is treated with a combination of certain drugs and chemotherapy. Again, in certain cases either the oncologist can recommend a radiation therapy or even a bone marrow transplant. Others like myeloma require specific chemotherapies like Vincristine, Adriamycin or Dexamethasone.

But the preventive approach of this particular blight is to be focused on along with the curative aspect. This is because apart from genetic factors, there are certain external risk factors which influence the incidence of leukaemia or other types of blood cancers. But every cloud has a silver lining; more advanced research and innovations in cancer care are being carried out and certain breakthroughs have also seen the day’s light in this regard. These will undoubtedly take cancer care to a whole new level altogether.


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